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Indices depicts the health of the economy of any country if the index of that particular economy is going down means the economy is not doing well and needs improvement and vice-versa. Indices are the weighted average price of the bunch of stocks traded in the stock exchanges of that particular country. if the stocks are delivering good quarterly/yearly financial result that means the stock is doing good and prices will move higher taking the index's higher. stocks and index has a direct relationship with each other. however some stocks has high weight on the index while other might have a low weight. So if the high weighted stock move higher it will take index higher at much faster rate while the low weighted stock won't impact the price of the index much. So if one wants to invest in particular country he can invest in index instead of buying/selling one or more stocks because investing/trading in index means investing the economy of the country. price fluctuation creates a trading opportunity for generating money though buying and selling indices.  (we are also provide signals in Comex Market)


What you will get with a signal subscription

  • Daily 2-3 Signals in major Indices like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500, FTSE, CAC, DAX, Nikkei, Hangseng
  • Morning newsletter
  • 3. Strategy of buying selling could be a pattern breakout, reversal patterns, mean reversion
  • Regular follow ups will be given for each and every trade
  • World market updates
  • Updates of all the upcoming events like  - FED Minutes  - GDP Data  - major economic events  - political events
Format of signals
1.      Buy Dow Jones at 25300 Target 1 - 25450 Target 2 - 25600 SL 25200
          Strategy/News - FED will not hike interest rates in the near future
          Follow up - Book profit in Dow Jones target 1 achieved
          Mode of Signals
                Whatsapp, Telegram, Textmsg, Email and on Phone Call

Basic Indices Pack

• Short term signals
• 3-4 signals daily
• Signals for Indices Like CAC DAX FTSE Dow Jones etc
• Sound Alerts
• Signals by Telegram/Whatsapp/Email/Text
• Chat support 

HNI Indices Pack

• Short term signals
• 2-3 signals daily
• Signals for Indices Like CAC DAX FTSE Dow Jones etc
• Sound Alerts
• Signals by Telegram/Whatsapp/Email/Text
• 27 x 7 Call & Chat support

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